Are you sitting at home now wanting to make some extra money? I have several opportunities if you are interested in making some extra money, or developing a new career.

BONUS - If you are a fast starter, our call center can forward customers to you based on a zip code.

Think of Concierge-desk.com as a virtual provider of many services people need on a daily basis. We are a mobile friendly concept people can use on their smart phones. You will become people's concierge and help them on a weekly basis. We are targeting individuals who want to be sales representatives, and retail locations where we set up a kiosk and market products and services to their customers. By being an affiliate, there is no re inventing of the wheel to waste time. You simply can piggy back on our products and licenses and make income when you sell a product or service. Some of our services include: real estate brokerage, insurance, attorney consultation, technology, entertainment, medical, and many more. 

This is our employment page. We are pleased to offer various positions with easy barriers of entry to provide various income opportunities. You can work on these positions part time, full time, and in between jobs. Many positions do not cost a cent to set up. All positions are independent contractor status, where the more you work the more you earn. The available positions are listed below. Please scroll down and look for the heading of the opportunity that interests you. Some information is repetitive, but we want to make sure all details are covered.

I. Position 1 - No Cost - Free Government Cellular Phone Agent - (Activate free cell phones provided by the Government) This position is a fit for individuals and retail location owners who are in contact with people who receive EBT, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, or have income limitations.  You can activate the free cell phones in the following states: AZ, AR, CA, CO, GA, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, OH, PA, Puerto Rico, RI, SC, TX, UT, WV, WI. You must have a clean back ground, and will eventually need to join the National Life Line Association and take their training. Many real estate and insurance agents become cell phone agents to cross market their other services. We are looking for independent contractor sales representatives to activate the free cell phones sponsored through the government program that has been in effect through the F.C.C.  You can do on site marketing, or simply down load the APP and talk to people everywhere. Use your phone or tablet to make money. PLEASE NOTE - * YOUR CUSTOMER BASE WILL GROW AND CREATE MORE OPPORTUNITY OVER TIME - I know with the aging population, there will be more people who can qualify for benefits. Hence, I am targeting this sector of the population for products and services. Eventually, you can go to a church group, social event, and give away phones vs. being set up in a tent. Down the road, you will be able to represent a big portfolio of products. One customer can buy and use multiple products. COMMISSIONS HAVE INCREASED TO $9.00 PER PHONE - I am not playing quote games. I am starting you out at the highest rate possible. So the good news is you will be paid $9.00 per phone. We will start with the phones and then the other products down the road. We did a tent a few weeks ago, and did 13 phones and 10 auto policy quotes in 3 hours.

ONCE APPROVED - Once you are approved, you can download the phone APP and immediately start to activate phones. But keep in mind, to maximize profits you will need to obtain equipment to create your location tent. You probably already have lots of the equipment now. Think of it as camping and setting up a marketing kiosk.  To effectively have a marketing tent/kiosk, you will need to have the following: 10 X 10 tent, table, chairs, tablet, wi fi (use your phone as a hot spot)  Remember I have some locations ready in your market.

1. The eligible people will increase this year and the next. So get the preliminary info completed now to gear up for the spring.

2. The clientele does not arrive until 11 AM.

3. Yes we are targeting the lower end who are down on their luck.

4. You will need to pass a back ground check and take an on line class.

5. Once you have the basic tools, you can work when and as long as you want.

6. Locations are available. All you have to do is show up.

7. While you are on site, you can do other things in between customers.

8. You will need transportation, or lap top, scanner, or I pad, Wi Fi, a table, pop up tent and a few other items.

9. Many national chains will allow you to set up in their parking lot.

10. All commissions are placed in your account ACH. (Auto Deposit) 

11. You DO NOT have to set up a mobile tent and can simply talk to customers, or talk to people in your area.

II. Position 2 - No Cost - Concierge-Desk.com Dealer - Want to offer products and services to many people? Then become a Concierge with Concierge-Desk.com. You will have access to our buffet of products and services and receive commissions for sales. Some products you can become a sub dealer under our master license, but many of the others you can assist in the marketing and receive a fee. Basically as a Concierge, you send customers to Concierge-Desk.com and receive commissions. You can get paid to sell the following products and services: DirecTV, Dish Network, Alarm Service, Internet Service - Residential, Internet Service - Commercial, Cable Services, Regular Cell Phone Service, Moving Service, Credit Repair, Credit Cards and many more.

III. Position 3 - Cost Involved For The Classes - Real Estate Salesperson License - Have you thought about earning a license to go into real estate brokerage?  If earning a real estate license interests you, please read more at www.real-estate-career-builder.com 

IV. Position 4 - Cost Involved For The Classes - Insurance Producer License - Have you thought about earning a license to go into insurance sales?  We recommend earning your life license first, then health, and then property and casualty. If earning an insurance license interests you, please contact a manager. 

V. Position 5 - No Cost  - Vending Machine Placement - Do you personally know the owner of a business? Do you know of a good location where a vending machine may be able to go? Is it a high traffic area with a lot of customers coming and going? Refer the location to our manager, and if it is successful and placed, you will receive a fee.

VI. Position 6 - Small Cost  - Mobile Notary Agent - Become a Notary Public and charge people to notarize signatures for important documents. You will need to apply to be a notary in your state, and obtain your stamp. Check out www.ga-mobile-notary.com Guess what? When you notarize people's documents, you can sell them other products and services.


OK. Here is more information that may be helpful:

1. www.ReeseFreyer.com - You can read more about me at www.reesefreyer.com I have been primarily in the real estate business and have now diversified into face to face marketing and am creating the concierge-desk.com brand. We need reps to originate the phones, and many other services.

2. Pictures-Of-Events.com - Go here and you can see what some mobile marketing sites look like. 

I look forward to working with you, and please let me know any questions. Please feel free to call our office at 855-542-8363 X. 6 for more information, or send an e mail to quote@concierge-desk.com

Thanks very much. 

Reese Freyer