Action On Your Part:


1.     Read

2.     YES or NO – Have I uploaded the final pictures and supporting marketing features in order on my property web site?  Please confirm the pictures and documents you have on your flat fee web site are the final pictures you want on the MLS.


Your property pictures and documents need to be in JPG format to be compliant with the MLS. Please make sure there are no pictures of signs in the yard with your pictures. We will retrieve the pictures from your flat fee site in the order they are in now. If this is not what you want, you need to go edit the photos now.


After the initial pictures are submitted, any other additions after the MLS entry will require administrative services. If you have drone pictures, surveys, plans, or some other add on marketing feature you want included, now is the time to add it to the flat fee web site so we can retrieve. We will submit all of your pictures to the MLS, contingent upon being compliant with the MLS by laws.


Remember I have nothing to do with your flat fee property site. I am stalled until you have posted the pictures and completed 100%. If there are pictures crooked, or side wise, they will still be used. We cannot manage your pictures so please confirm the pictures on your property web site are all ready to be placed on the MLS. What you posted on your site are the ones we will post to the MLS.


If you complete Stage 4 and submit, my office will assume you have uploaded the final pictures to be used. You will be able to change pictures later down the road if you desire.


Thank you, and please complete the rest of the stages.

Property Systems of the SE - Listing Team
F.R. Freyer - Listing Broker
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(F) 404-348-0174

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