STAGE 6 – The Next Step - Sit Back And Wait & Complete The State Forms Now Or Later

 Action On Your Part:

     1.     Read all of the instructions.

2.     If necessary, write down the relevant information on a separate sheet of paper, and place in your property file.

3.     Decide if you want to complete the state of GA forms now, or later.

4.     Decide if you want to print hard copies and leave in the property for agents and buyers.

5.     Have you printed out a flyer for the inside and outside?

6.     Decide what optional services you want to order now at the beginning of the listing? (Other MLS, Lockbox, Offer Management, Unlimited Administrative, Document Storage, Etc.) Order what you want at – Real Estate - Administrative  Services

By now you have completed all of the initial listing stages and your property is live, or close to being live in the MLS systems per your package.

 You should receive a market snap shot with alerts for your area. Your property should be in one of the alerts. If not, check Zillow, Trulia, and within 72 hours.

Due to numerous complaints about sending too many e mails, I have posted all the forms you will need to sell your property on our internal server.

To retrieve the forms, please follow these steps:

You may find a direct link at - Look For An Icon


1. Go to , or - Real Estate Administrative Services – “Click Here For Owner Forms – Post Listing”

2. User Name: forms

3. Password: forms

Disregard the first name and last name password information.

All of the state forms and related information can be retrieved here.  IT IS YOUR DECISION TO COMPLETE FORMS NOW OR WHEN A BUYER REQUESTS THEM.

All owners, will need various forms to sell a property. For your convenience all of these forms are available to you along with other useful information.

At a minimum you will need the following forms:

1. Seller Disclosure Statement

2. Personal Property Agreement

3. Community Association

4. Commission Agreement

This is the last part of the administrative process. We will take it from here and get your property live.

If you need administrative services, please refer to the on line portal at and look for the “Real Estate Administrative Services” Here you can order many services to help sell your property as fast as possible.

Please anticipate the following:

Go ahead and add to a calendar the following dates so you can monitor activity and progress:

14 Days on Market (How many showings and inquiries?)

30 Days on Market - (No offers? Consider a price reduction.)

45 Days on Market - (How many showings?)

60 Days on Market - (No offers? If you want to sell, a price reduction is necessary. Yes, a price reduction is the solution to increase activity. The price reduction can be a small amount.)

75 Days on Market - (How many showings?)

90 Days on Market - (How many showings, or offers? If weak, a price reduction is necessary.)

120 Days on Market - (How many showings, or offers? If weak, a price reduction is necessary.)

150 Days on Market - (How many showings, or offers? If weak, a price reduction is necessary.)

180 Days on Market - (Do I want to extend my listing, or let it expire? How many showings, or offers? If weak, a price reduction is necessary.)

180 - 365 Days - If your plan is extended and you reach a long days on market, you will need to evaluate your whole process and decide what you want to do. Keep in mind the monthly cost of owing the property and multiply it by the number of months on the market. 

     1.    If there is no activity after 14 – 30 days, you will most likely need to adjust your listing price during your listing period. How did you determine your listing price? Do you need an appraisal to justify a reduction? The first few weeks are the most important barometer on whether you will have success. 

2.    Contact a moving company and start getting bids to move.

3.    Agents calling or using Showing Time to set appointments with buyers or to preview your property.

4.    Agents and Buyers knocking on your door to view the property.

5.    Be prepared for agents to have a scheduled time, but be late or not show at all.

6.    Be prepared for last minute showing requests.

7.    Be prepared to send the state forms to agents and buyers to analyze your property.

8.    Be prepared for positive, neutral, negative, or no response for feedback after showings.

9.    If you find a buyer with out an agent at an Open House, you should attempt to save the other selling broker commission and have the buyer make an offer directly at - Make Offer  We will forward their offer to you.

10. When a buyer is interested, you will know it.

11. Be prepared for random questions from buyers.

12. Be prepared for an offer to be submitted. Some are through E Sign on the MLS, others are hand written in a vehicle, or through

13. Once an offer is submitted, you will need to accept, reject, or counter the offer.

14. An owner can only pursue on offer at a time. If multiple offers are received, you will need to pursue the best one.

15. Be prepared to negotiate with the buyer or agent.

16. It is best to negotiate all points via e mail in writing, and once all terms are accepted request the state purchase and sale agreement to be submitted via E sign for all parties.

17. Obtain the buyer’s lender pre approval letter and follow up with the loan office so you know the status at all times. Request the loan officer to add you to the e mail update list.

18. Be prepared for the buyer’s inspector to view your property.

19. Be prepared for the appraiser for the lender to view your property.

20. Be prepared for the inspection results and appraisal to be a new round of negotiations.

21. Be prepared for the buyer requesting to view the property with relatives, vendors, and other people at inconvenient times.

22. Be prepared to obtain a termite letter/wood infestation report, septic inspection, or well test.

23. Be prepared for the closing attorney to request sensitive information from you to close your property.

24. Be prepared for delays and extensions during the escrow period.

25. Be prepared for my office to send you an invoice for the FMLS fee of .0012 X sales price. Be prepared to send a check dated for the closing date.

26. At closing, be prepared to sign various documents. Mainly an owner’s affidavit, warranty deed, HUD, and pay off information.

27. Be prepared to watch the buyer sign most of the paper work at the closing.

28. After closing, be prepared to send the listing broker a copy of the HUD statement so we can close your file. Please send before you are over whelmed with the moving process.

29. Be prepared to cancel utilities.

30. Be prepared to call your lender and ask for your escrow funds to be sent to you.

31. Be prepared to cancel your home owner’s insurance.

32. If there is something you need assistance with, please do not hesitate to ask for help. Even though you know what to do, we are capable of helping you.

33. Please write down 2 people who need to sell a property.

34. Please write down 2 people who may need to buy a property.

35. Good luck, and start packing.

Thank you, and please wait for us to process your property.

Property Systems of the SE - Listing Team
F.R. Freyer - Listing Broker
(O) 877-522-5577
(F) 404-348-0174

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